Quranic Quotes is, primarily, a collection of quotes and verses from The Holy Quran, presented in the form of pictures and words.

What And How?

This website offers verses and excerpts from The Quran against a backdrop of various images and photographs.

Some of the images used on this website were shot or created by me, whereas most others have been acquired from the public domain (attribution provided wherever required). I edit them using image editors such as GIMP and, if required, compress them prior to uploading.

Allah be willing, I try my best to upload two new quotes per week (every Tuesday and Friday), so be sure to bookmark the website, or subscribe via email (nope, no spam, no nonsense).

About The Translations

The verses that I use are from the English translation of The Quran. Most of the time, I prefer using the translations provided by Sahih International or Yusuf Ali for this purpose. However, this is surely not because these particular translations of The Quran are better than that of any other scholar. Instead, the translations of Sahih International or Yusuf Ali employ a much simpler language as compared to the rest.

Just in case you are wondering, for my personal use, I primarily read the English translation offered by Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall. Also, if you are genuinely interested in reading The Quran in a language other than Arabic (say, your mother-tongue), you should consider visiting a website such as Quran.com, that offers translations of The Quran in multiple languages, including English.

Great! How Does One Help?

As of now, I am single-handedly managing this website. However, if you have an image or a contribution of your own that you’d like to offer, you can submit the same via email to sufyanism[at]gmail[dot]com

Apart from quotes, submissions of calligraphy are also welcome.

Try not to submit an image that is too small (or too big). In terms of file formats, JPG or PNG are preferable, though this is something that I can manage so you needn’t worry much. Be sure to include your name or bio, because yes, credits are given where credits are due.

You can also make suggestions and requests for particular verses from The Quran using this page. Alternatively, you can post on the Facebook page, send a request/query via Tumblr, or shoot me a tweet.

How About Money? Donations?

I am thankful if you consider this website to be worthy of financial aid, and while there indeed are expenses involved in maintaining a website (web hosting, domain registration, etc.), none of those expenses are something that I cannot bear, Alhamdulillah!

Thus, if you are planning to donate funds to Quranic Quotes, I would request you to offer that very money to someone who needs it more than me — possibly a charity organization of your choosing, or the homeless man you see at the bus-stop everyday, or the orphan child who wishes to go to school!

However, in lieu of financial remunerations — assuming you find this website to be worthwhile — I would request you to keep me in your prayers. 🙂

The Curator

My name is Sufyan bin Uzayr, and I maintain this website. I am a student of History, a writer by profession, and a lover of good coffee. Just in case it matters, I can be found on Facebook or Google+.

Also, if you wish to request for a particular verse from The Quran to be represented as an image on this website, or just wish to offer your greetings, you can drop me a word here.

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