Quranic Quotes is, primarily, a collection of quotes and verses from The Holy Quran, presented in the form of pictures and words.

What and How?

This website offers verses and excerpts from The Quran against a backdrop of various images and photographs.

All the images used on this site are either taken from the public domain, or come with a Creative Commons license, or have been used after seeking permission from the respective copyright holders. We make use of various graphic editing software to place verses of The Quran on the images and then compress them for the web.

Quranic Quotes tries to follow a schedule, albeit not strictly. Allah be Willing, we attempt to post two quotes per language, per week.

About the Translations

The verses that we use are from various translations of The Quran in the respective language. For English, we prefer using the translations provided by Sahih International or Yusuf Ali. However, this is surely not because these particular translations of The Quran are better than that of any other scholar. Instead, the translations of Sahih International or Yusuf Ali employ a much simpler language as compared to the rest.

Just in case you are genuinely interested in reading The Quran in a language other than Arabic (say, your mother-tongue), you should consider visiting a website such as Quran.com, that offers translations of The Quran in multiple languages, including English.

How Does One Get Involved?

We are actively seeking folks to join the team. If you have some basic graphic editing skills and can create Quranic Quotes in a language other than the ones we are already offering, please get in touch.

Other that that, you can also make suggestions and requests for particular verses from The Quran using this page. Alternatively, you can post on the Facebook page, send a request/query via Tumblr, or shoot us a tweet.


We are thankful if you consider this website to be worthy of financial aid. However, if you are planning to donate funds to Quranic Quotes, we would request you to offer that very money to someone who needs it more than us — possibly a charity organization of your choosing, or the homeless man you see at the bus-stop everyday, or the orphan child who wishes to go to school!

In lieu of financial remunerations — assuming you find this website to be worthwhile — we request you to keep us in your prayers. 🙂

The Team

Quranic Quotes was started in October 2013 by Sufyan bin Uzayr and currently he handles the English quotes. Sufyan is a student of History, a writer by profession, and a lover of good coffee. You can find him on Facebook.

The Urdu quotes as well as social media management is taken care of by Anjum Ara. She joined Quranic Quotes in April 2014. Anjum is a qualified optometrist and takes a keen interest in Quran and Hadith.

The Spanish section is managed by Zain Fernandez Prieto. He is a Muslim revert and a student of Law. Zain joined the team in March 2016.

The Hindi quotes section, alongside social media management, is handled by Tarannum Afrin. She works at QatarGas, and loves doing Da’wah. She often participates in various Islamic forums and has also volunteered as team leader during major Islamic events in Doha. Tarannum joined the team in April 2020.

Contact the Quranic Quotes team here.


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i would like to make some contributions to your website. And one thing i would like to say is that keep up the good work. May you be blessed!

Great updates! The new look makes the surfing much simpler and suits the dignity of the content of the website.

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