Islamic Mobile Apps

We have a range of Islamic mobile apps that you can install on your devices. All of our Islamic mobile apps are free to use and contain no ads or spam.

Quranic Quotes

Our flagship Islamic mobile app – Quranic Quotes – features hundreds of amazing Quran-related images and Ayahs. It comes in multiple languages, including English, Urdu, Hindi and Spanish.

Furthermore, it also offers numerous Quranic articles, such as easy-to-understand Surah descriptions and Translation as well as Tafsir.

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The Quran Reader

There are many Quran apps out there (Alhamdulillah), but sadly, most of them either come loaded with ads, or are too bloated to use. Our Quran application offers a highly minimal interface for reading The Word of Allah in its original language – Arabic.

Features include smart-save of current page as well as ability to share pages of The Quran with friends via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

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Learn Quran in Urdu and Hindi

This application offers images and Ayahs from The Quran in two languages – Urdu and Hindi. Meant especially for users from South Asia, this easy to use mobile app also features Islamic lectures and audio content.

The intent of this application is to teach The Quran young Muslims and Muslimah from South Asia in their own native language.

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Quranic Dua (Prayers)

Ever wanted to memorize amazing and magnificent Dua from The Holy Quran? Well, this particular mobile app offers you several Quranic Dua in pictorial format, that you can learn and memorize at your own pace.

More importantly, you can share Quranic Dua with your friends and family via any social app, such as WhatsApp. You can also download and save the Dua to your device.

You may also browse our Dua images collection.

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Islamic Hamd, Naat and Nazm

What good is a list of Islamic mobile apps without a mention of Hamd o Naat? Our mobile app offers a good collection of Islamic Hamd, Naat and Nazm in video format.

You can play the videos at the pace you like, and also mark several Hamd o Naat as your favorites. More importantly, all Hamd, Naat and Nazm in this app are either without music, or only with Duff.

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Muslim Memo

Our sister publication, Muslim Memo, is a magazine devoted entirely to the contemporary Muslims. Its mobile app offers the latest articles across various topics, such as History, Society, Current Affairs, and so on.

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