This page enlists some of the major translations of The Quran, all in PDF and available for free download. Simply locate the one you want, right-click, and save the file.

First up, there is a PDF of the complete text of The Quran in Arabic, followed by translations in English, and further followed by translations in few other languages. The modus operandi behind the selection of non-English languages has been simple: requests were received for a particular language, and if possible, a translation was added to this page for the same.

It must be noted, however, that grammatically and structurally speaking, no translation of any text can be called a *true* representation of the original. Languages differ in terms of grammar, vocabulary, structure and form, and Arabic is not like English, much like Spanish is not the same as Korean. Thus, there is only so much a translation can do, and if you wish to *actually* read and comprehend the true essence of The Quran, the original Arabic version is what you should look for.

That said, reading from a translation has its own advantages. Not everyone has the skills, time or resources required to learn Arabic, after all. Furthermore, having a translation at hand can also be handy even if you’re not a Muslim, and you just wish to learn more about The Quran, or are studying for research and/or scholarly purposes.

Lastly, not all translations are equal. Some suffer from occasional linguistic fallacies, whereas others are victims of the translator’s bias — take up the case of “Lex Mahumet Pseudoprophete”, the earliest translation of The Quran in Latin, which was published with the sole motive of misquoting The Quran (read more here). As such, I have hand-picked some of the most popular and widely used translations here.

The Quran — Full Text in Arabic

PDF with full Arabic text of The Quran. Contains no translations or transliterations; meant for on-screen reading and/or printing.

Link: The Holy Quran (Full Text in Arabic)

English Translations

Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall (1930)

  • Widely used and accepted
  • One of the earliest English translations of The Quran by a Muslim
  • Uses archaic English
  • Ideal if you need a literal and objective representation of The Quran, and are well-versed in English

Link: The Quran (Translated by Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall)

Abdullah Yusuf Ali (1934)

  • Arguably the most popular English translation of The Quran
  • Known for its simple language and style
  • Ideal if you need a straightforward translation and are just getting started with The Quran

Link (Translation Only): The Quran (Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Link (Translation Plus Notes): The Quran (Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, with Notes)

Dr. Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali (1997)

  • Compared to others, a recent translation
  • Easy language, but slightly more complex than that of Yusuf Ali

Link: The Quran (Translated by Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali)

Mohamedali Habib Shakir (1970)

  • Version offered here is the 1982 reprint
  • Accused of being a biased translation
  • Shows minor sectarianism, not recommended for regular reading

Link: The Quran (Translated by Mohamedali Habib Shakir)

Rashad Khalifa (1978)

  • Views The Quran in a mystical light
  • Received very little scholarly attention after publication
  • Possibly a biased translation, not recommended for regular reading

Link: The Quran (Translated by Rashad Khalifa)

Talal Itani (2012)

  • A very simple translation
  • Focuses primarily on clarity rather than utility
  • Rather recent, so not much feedback is available regarding its bias or lack thereof

Link: The Quran (Translated by Talal Itani)

Arthur Arberry (1955)

  • One of the most respected translations of The Quran by a non-Muslim
  • More of an interpretation of The Quran, rather than a translation
  • Sticks to the original cadence of The Quran
  • Famous for its scholarly appeal and beautiful rendition of the text

Link: The Quran (Translated by Arthur Arberry)

Sahih International (1997)

  • Widely available and accepted
  • A literal translation
  • Ideal if you are looking for a word-to-word translation, with added focus on the contextual aspect of The Quran

Link: The Quran (Sahih International)

Non-English Translations

Need a translation in your own language? Drop a word here!

Additional Sources


There are a lot many Quranic commentaries and treatises out there, but unfortunately, not all of them do justice to the English-speaking readers. An impressive and concise commentary on The Quran was written by Gary Miller, It discusses virtually every aspect of The Quran, including its origins, authenticity, language, context, and so on. Download it from the link given below.

Link: “The Amazing Quran” by Gary Miller


If you are planning to learn The Quran — possibly memorize it, or understand it better — this dictionary can serve as a handy resource. It offers a chapter-wise meaning of relevant words and phrases, as well as background notes and information related to The Quran, along with language exercise to help you improve your Arabic skills. First published in 1952 (in Urdu, still in print in India and Pakistan), this is the Tenth Revised English Edition (March 2000).

It is a set of 11 PDFs, zipped together in one file.

Link: The Dictionary of The Quran (Compiled by: Sheikh Abdul Karim Parekh)

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