Free eBook: 25 Blessed Dua From The Quran

Dua means to address Allah with praise, thanksgiving, hope, and to mention one’s needs. Thus,Ā Dua is a form of conversation with Allah, our Lord and Creator. ThisĀ conversation is, however, one in which we turn to Him because we know that He Alone can help us.

And when it comes praying, what better source of Dua can one find other than The Holy Quran? There are several great prayers mentioned in the Quran, and if you have been wanting to memorize or learn some such prayers, this page is meant for you! Here, you will find a free eBook enumerating 25 blessed Dua from The Quran.Ā 

Free eBook: 25 Blessed Dua From The Quran

In Surah al-Baqarah, ayah 186, Allah says:

And when My servants question you concerning Me, then surely I am near. I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he cries to Me.

Dua possesses the strength to enhance our blessings and removeĀ our pain and suffering. Dua is an important part of our faith and a weapon of the believer.Ā Dua should be the first and last resort of the believer, with all of his/her plans and actions coming in between.

The bigger the problem, the more we shouldĀ pray. If through His Graciousness, Allah accepts our prayers, then we should pray again, to give thanks and praise Him. In other words, Dua, as a form of worship, should be purely and sincerely for the sake of Allah SWT.

So, what is this eBook about? Well, it contains 25 Quranic Dua — Dua (prayers) selected from The Quran, and put together in the form of a very short and handy eBook that you can use and benefit from. This eBook contains Arabic text as well as English translation of each Dua on a separate page.

You are free to download this eBook and share it with your friends and family — you can print it, pass it along via email or social networks, or share it in any other manner you deem fit. The more people benefit from this eBook, the better! In fact, this act in itself will be rewarding for you as a form of continuing charity, because even if one person gets to know about the power of Dua through you, it will count as an act of worship for you.

25 Blessed Dua From The Quran (eBook)

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