Surah an-Nas: Seeking Refuge in Allah

Surah an-Nas is the last and final Surah of the Holy Quran. In this Surah, people are asked to seek refuge with Allah against the brutal acts and evil whispers of Satan.

This post presents the entire Surah an-Nas in the form of images. 

Surah an-Nas: Seeking Refuge in Allah

Human beings are far from perfect. Satan’s sole purpose is to deceive us from the right path. The higher one will raise himself in his knowledge and desire to be with the Almighty Allah, the more Satan will try to divert him from his path.

Surah an-Nas is an effective remedy when it comes to repelling the evil eye and devilish acts of Satan. Here is the entire Surah in images:

Surah an-Nas in Pictures

Ayah 01

The Quran 114:041 (Surah an-Nas)

Ayah 02

The Quran 114:02 (Surah an-Nas)

Ayah 03

The Quran 114:03 (Surah an-Nas)

Ayah 04

The Quran 114:04 (Surah an-Nas)

Ayah 05

The Quran 114:05 (Surah an-Nas)

Ayah 06

The Quran 114:06 (Surah an-Nas)


Surah an-Nas is also called The Chapter of Mankind. Whenever you feel lack of faith/trust, or a weakness in your heart or mind, reciting Surah an-Nas can prove very helpful.

Human beings are supposed to keep themselves away from all forms of bad deeds, wrong paths, bad company, evil actions, etc. Surah an-Nas encourages us to seek Refuge in Allah, the Lord of all Mankind! He is the Ultimate Refuge and the Ultimate Helper. We know that we are imperfect beings and Only Allah is Perfect. As such, this particular Surah tells us to bear in mind that we have a Helper in Allah and with His Help, we can overcome our fears, apprehensions and doubts.

In other words, Surah an-Nas is a reminder for us that while we are surrounded by temptations in this world, we can seek Refuge in Allah. Only with Allah’s Help, we can follow the path of truth and righteousness.


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