Surah al-Inshirah: “With Every Difficulty, There is Relief.”

“So, Verily, With Every Difficulty, There is Relief” is the 5th verse from Surah al-Inshirah, the 94th Surah of the Quran. It is one of the most beautiful and amazing verses in the Quran. This verse gives a message of hope and encouragement.

This post discusses the attributes of this verse as well as offers an introduction to Surah al-Inshirah.

Surah al-Inshirah: “With Every Difficulty, There is Relief.”

Introduction: Surah al-Inshirah

Surah al-Inshirah acts as a form of consolation and encouragement for Muslims. It intends to boost up the morale of believers, especially if they are going through dark and gloomy phases.


In this Surah, Allah declares beautifully, “Indeed, with every difficulty, comes relief.” He repeats it to emphasize the message. Allah demands us to turn all attention to Him and worship Him Alone.

So, Verily, With Every Difficulty, There is Relief.

To appreciate the beauty of this verse, we first need to understand the exact meaning of the verse.

In this verse, Allah uses the word “relief” in plural form. This implies that relief is always twice as powerful as difficulties or suffering. As such, no matter how trying the times may be, hardship can never overwhelm Allah’s Blessings.

It is the glad tidings that come with the Promise of Allah that enlighten the heart. Thus, we should avoid negative outlook, and be hopeful of better results ahead.

So Verily, With Difficulty, There is Relief.

Allah repeats the verse “So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief” for extra emphasis.  Compared to Allah’s Mercy, all our troubles, difficulties, problems and challenges are minute and tiny. There is always a solution for any problem that we might face. All we need to do is keep the faith, and follow His Path with patience and righteousness.

This verse is especially relevant in today’s context. The Muslim Ummah is struggling and suffering all around the world. We need to remind ourselves of Allah’s Promise to us, and stick to the Right Path. After all, with every difficulty, there is relief.


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